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Preorder Backorder mod for X-cart
The long awaited mod is here! Allow your customers the ability to preorder or backorder your products! Great for stores that sell pre-released items or want customers to buy items expected to be back in stock!

Previously Purchased Mod for Xcart
Have a site where customers buy frequently but would want to know if they already have bought something? This module allows your customer's if logged in, to get a notice on any products they have already bought. Making it easy for them to determine previous purchases either to rebuy that product, or to buy a new one.

Price Matching X-cart Mod
This Price Match Mod allows your customer to request a price match after purchasing an item. It also allows the admin to easily issue a gift certificate for the price difference for any approved price matching that the customer has requested.

Product Bundle for X-cart
Bundle your existing products to give your customers a great deal on multiple products, while encouraging them to purchase more!

Product Importer Updater Pro for X-cart
Need to synchronize the products in your X-cart store with a warehouse or drop shipper? Tired of manually converting your data file into X-cartís format so that you can update products? Need to update prices and quantities in your store on a regular basis without human interaction? Product importer pro will allow you to automate the mapping of your product data from your format into your X-cart shopping cart.

Product Meta Tags Plus!
Love our free product meta tags mod but want even more flexibility? Have complete control of your product meta keywords and product meta descriptions! New Features!

Product Picking - Order Fulfillment made Easy!
Product picking module is great for making order fulfillment easy. Print a product picking list to easily find all products that need to go out on your shipping list.

Product Sort by Pro for X-cart!
Have more control of your sort by! Allow customers to sort by standard fields as well as any custom extra fields you have!

Quote Request Module for Xcart
Allow your customers to request a custom quote! Fully featured quoting tool to facilitate customers to request custom quotes for an order.

Radio Checkbox Product Options Module for X-cart
Back by popular demand! Always wanted to easily have radio or checkboxes for your product options? Now you can with this X-cart mod!

Re-order mod for X-cart! (reorder)
One-click Quick Re-ordering of past orders! Optionally add quick links to reorder just one product at a time! Introductory Price!

Receipt Printer Addon for the Point of Sale
Purchase this Addon to the Point of Sale to be able to print your Point of Sale receipts to a receipt printer!! Requires only a receipt printer capable of printing from webpages! Note this is an ADDON to our Point of Sale. You must have already purchased the Point of Sale.

Refer a Friend - Customer Reward Points Add-on
Love our Customer Reward Points x-cart mod? Then you'll love this add on! Expand your customer base with this add-on!

Responsive / Mobile Admin for X-cart!
Easily manage your store from a mobile device or tablet! This module auto displays when it detects a mobile device and will display your X-cart admin in a mobile friendly view! For tablets there's a quick 'Mobile Admin' link to switch to mobile mode as well! Desktop display is untouched!

Review Points - Customer Reward Points Addon
The long awaited Reward Points addon is here!! Allow customers to earn points for submitting reviews!